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Welcome to steveargy.com. This site was created to share my music, artwork, and writing as well as observations on music, art and the written word.

Discography: excerpts from over a dozen CDs in mp3 format

Photo Gallery: images of friends and performers I’ve had the pleasure to
play and/or record with past & present

Biography: a brief summary of my playing career (so far)

Visual Art: a selection of my collages,
both traditional (paper, glue & scissors)
and digital (Photoshop)

Original Music: (in development) this page will feature original compositions, along with comments and observations.




Bass: (in development) this page will have excerpts from music with bass parts I find particularly inspiring or intriguing along with comments about the players that performed or composed them. Tips on how I approach the instrument will be offered as well.

Words: (in development) this page will offer
my poetry, short stories, essays, opinions and the like.

Gear: about my equipment

Gigs: (in development) this page will have regular updates on appearances, both local and out of town.

Links: friends, inspirations & sites I like!

News: (in development) this page will have breaking news on appearances, endorsements, and the like.